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News Casters

Teleprompter Software You Can Trust!

teleprompter used in newcastingMost reporters and anchors learn to work from paper scripts as part of their training. However, when teleprompter technology is the norm, a software crash can really throw a newscast into a tailspin. Eliminate embarrassment and pregnant pauses by giving your talent prompter software they can count on

ProPrompter was designed with the television news business in mind. Ease of use, affordability, and flexibility are attributes that went into the product design from the very beginning.

Mac or PC, simply load up ProPrompter and connect to your teleprompter hardware or external monitor and you’re up and running in minutes. Import scripts from your word processing program and editing during the show is a breeze – the product features are flexible yet powerful.

ProPrompter is ideally suited for professional broadcasting, cable outlets, and campus programs. It’s feature-rich, dependable, and simple to use. And most importantly, it’s stable. ProPrompter plays well with other applications so your on-air talent can rest assured that their paper scripts are only a back-up, not the primary source